Health Issues

Healpha - Digital Health Checkup

Connected Healthcare Platform

Healα seeks to improve school’s ability to manage their students' health and wellbeing. It enables comprehensive management of connected healthcare devices via a smartphone companion app. For schools, it can help deliver safe efficient and cost-effective care. It enables all stakeholders to access health data easily while ensuring privacy. It helps improve the quality and outcomes of health and social care.

Key Features

Healα enables comprehensive management of any and all health screening services via a smart device companion app.

Health Screening Records

Advanced analytics, visualizations and decision support tools to improve diagnostic accuracy.

Next Generation Diagnostics

Advance screening and diagnostic equipment for Vision, Hearing, ENT and Dental.

Health Scrorecard

Healα benchmarks your overall health and identifies opportunities and areas where you can improve.

Virtual Doctor

Consult Doctor(s) at the comfort of sitting at home.

Alerts & Remainders

Medical Alerts to ensure that patients receive the care they need—at the times they need it.

Ease of Access

Patients can access health records anywhere, anytime, safely and securely.

Health Score

Patient friendly, easy to understand health report (Red-Amber-Green indicators). Health score helps in evaluate the student’s health and areas of improvemnt

Detailed Reports

Detailed reports for each speciality are comprehensive and self explanatory.


Reports are accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Safe & Secure

Patient data is highly secured and can be accessed by student or parents only.